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Update your wallets (Titcoin)


We all know the importance of wallets to store the coins you own. Being able to control your coins is the true definition of being your own bank!
Not all coins support wallets for all platforms unfortunately but if they do you need to install them and update them if they come in a new version.

This article is about how to update your wallet. In this exaple we will use the Titcoin (TIT) wallet. Please remember this is done on MacOS!

Although I know that assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups we have to assume you did a couple of things already;
1. you wrote down the mnenomic passphrase and you still have it.
2. you have an alternative destination drive to download your wallet.dat to.
3. you might have a second alternative destination drive on an other address (your moms house).
4. your Titcoin is currently running and your wallet is synchronized.

Ok, here we go.

Unfortunately not all wallets use a built-in check to see if there is a new version available like most software packages nowadays do. So first thing we do is check the version of the wallet we are currently running.

Ok, we can now see the current version of the wallet and the About screen also offers a link to the download of the wallets. Of course website that belong to the coin also provide this information. If we open https://titcoin.website we immediately see a nice juicy button that will bring us to the download section of the wallets. 

For now we are going to assume there is a new version and you are able to download the DMG or ZIP file. Before we are going to open the DMG file and install the new version of the wallet we have to do a couple of things first.

1. close your current wallet if it’s running (and wait for it to completely stop)

2. backup your wallet.dat, for this you may need to show hidden files, the shortcut for this on Mac is; Command – shift – dot
Now go to /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Titcoin/wallets (for some coins there is no separate wallets folder). Copy wallets.dat to both the alternative devices as I stated in the beginning of this article. BE SURE TO USE AN ALTERNATIVE DESTINATION!! and don’t use the same hard drive your original wallet.dat is on. 
In the copy include the date of your backup and the name of the coin, so 20190116_titcoin_wallet.dat in this example

3. go to your Applications folder and rename Titcoin.app to Titcoin20190115.app (this way you know the wallet belongs to this version of the app.

4. Now click the DMG file you downloaded and install the new version of the wallet.

5. Start your wallet by starting Titcoin.app, the new version should open without any problems.

But, unfortunately things don’t always go out as planned (assumptions remember!). Lots of wallets need special treatment. Sometimes you have to delete all files in your Coin folder in /Application Support/ but wallet.dat and wallet.conf for example. If there is no readme at the location you got your wallet from be sure to contact support. This is usually done on Discord.

I hope this article helped you with the update of your wallet.


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