1. CoinDesk

CoinDesk reports on the news from across the entire crypto sector. The extensive site publishes several articles per day and covers more than just news. You’ll find thought-provoking feature-length pieces, market analysis, and opinion pieces.

2. Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is an independent news site that focuses on cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and decentralized applications that deploy blockchain technology.

3. Bitcoin Magazine

Upon its launch in 2012, Bitcoin Magazine took a more Bitcoin-centric approach to the news.

4. Null TX

Null TX—formerly The Merkle—is one of the youngest sites to make the list. It’s only been online since 2014. The entire crypto sector receives coverage, but the site occasionally branches out and reports on the news in associated markets.

5. CryptoCoinsNews

CryptoCoinsNews (or more commonly known as CCN) is a sister site of Hacked. However, while Hacked tends to focus on coin analysis and trading advice, CCN is purely news-based.

6. NewsBTC

Despite the name, NewsBTC covers all the leading altcoins as well as Bitcoin.

7. Cryptovest

Cryptovest is a multi-faceted crypto and blockchain news site.

8. Coin Hooked

We’re all busy people—do we really have time to check in on dozens of news sites every day just to keep out fingers on the pulse?

9. Ethereum World News

Once again, the name of the site is deceptive. Ethereum World News covers all aspects of the crypto and blockchain world, not just Ethereum.

10. Arkor


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