Ok. I admit it. I didn’t invent gunpowder nor am I a rocket science expert. But in my role as user I do know certain things are strange. Home Assistant is full of quirky stuff. And every time I find something that smells fishy to me I will put it in here.

  1. First, the default installation
    Before you install Home Assistant it is impossible to disable auto detection. After you have installed it you can disable it.
  2. Advanced mode
    In the user panel you can turn on Advanced Mode. If you don’t you can’t find the SSH add-ons for example.
  3. Home Assistant and Hassio
    They are two names constantly used in all kinds of tutorials. They are two completely different things.  5/16: I received some comments on this part on Discord 😉
  4. Yaml
    I can probably write a book on how great yaml is a language but 5 books how frustrating it is that 1 space too many in a line can kill everything.
  5. Check Configuration
    You will probably use this button a gazillion times a day in the beginning! But why isn’t it present in the main menu??

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