How to mix Philips Hue & Trådfri

If you have entered the world of Domotica and more specific the world of lights, you have come across Philips Hue as one of the best products in the market. But it is also a bit expensive.

IKEA have introduced their own product called TRÅDFRI. And I went out to get some of their products to set it up with my Philips Hue.

So stay tuned for how-to do that here on this page.

Feb 13th
Today I paired a Trådfri motion detector with multiple Philips Hue bulbs.

How to use Philips Hue and Trådfri (IKEA) smart lights.

OK, her we go.
It is important your Trådfri lights come with the latest firmware version. When you buy there is no way you can tell if they have been updated. The only way to do this is to connect them to a Trådfri bridge. Maybe you can take the risk and buy the bulbs without the bridge because IKEA lets you do this. If you have both bridge and lights (and more) I advise you to simply first build a solution with Trådfri before trying to pair with Hue.

Now that you are ready to continue I first recommend you download iConnectHue (iOS) or Hue Essentials (Android)

iConnectHue app available for iOS
Hue Essentials for Android

Click the image to get the app on your phone. You need to have one of these because to offer something called Touchlink which you need to pair your Trådfri to your Hue bridge.

OK, I am going to continue this from the iOS point of view, simply because I own an iPhone.

1. first thing you need to do is reset the Trådfri(from now I will use T for Trådfri) bulbs and devices. The bulbs; you simply switch the lights on/off for 6 times (7 for safety). The motion detector; press the button on the back 4 times quickly, a red light will come on on the front.

2. Now for the bulbs;
– open iConnectHue and choose Lights from the menu.
– press the + to add a light
– press “search with Touchlink”
– turn the light on
After a few seconds (this can take a little longer sometimes) the light will blink a few times and the app will tell you a new light is discovered.
You can now rename the light and put in in a room.

3. Now for the Motion detector (or the dimable switch)
– open iConnectHue and choose lights from the menu
– press the + to add a light
– press “search with Touchlink”
– now press the button on the back of the device and keep pushing this untill you see the little red light on the front come on. Keep pressing till the red light goes of.

4. If you have succeeded you can now pair the device with the bulb(s).
– turn the light on
– hold the device as close as possible to the bulb and press the button
– hold the button until the light changes and the little red light turns off

Congratulations, You have now succesfully installed your T-lights and switches to your Philips Hue lights.

I found the following video very helpful. Give it a thumbs up if you watch it!


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