Passive income

A lot can be found about making money the passive way. If you don’t want to spend endless hours searching Google this course is a nice place to start. Click here to get there

Update your wallets (Titcoin)

We all know the importance of wallets to store the coins you own. Being able to control your coins is the true definition of being your own bank!Not all coins support wallets for all platforms unfortunately but if they do you need to install them and update them if they come in a new version.

Snodecoin Staking guide

RequirementsYour Snodecoin (SND) wallet can automatically start staking IF AND ONLY IF all of the following conditions are met: 1. Your wallet must be fully synced with the network2. Chain tip’s timestamp must be past a certain time3. Your wallet must have active connections4. Your wallet must be unlocked5. You...

Espers wallet

Installing & Updating EspersCoin, installing and updating the wallet. Installing a wallet is something you will have to do for every coin if you really want to be safe. We just encountered another hack on an Exchange, this time Cryptopia was hacked and at the moment it...

Lindacoins staking

In this example I will show you how to take all Lindacoins in your wallet and send them to your self after every staking reward. You need to do this to speed up staking. Remember, your wallet will look different than mine but the procedure stays the same. From your main wallet (yellow arrow) get the address. Now click the...