The Lindacoin wallet, called Altitude, can be updated in different ways. The thing you need to keep in mind is the 2 version numbers that are in use.
First there is the version number of the installer which now is at 1.2 (Look here).

Second there is the version of the Linda wallet which is now at:
Core Version:v3.3.0.0-g

You can check both versions from the Linda wallet by choosing Tools – Information from the dropdown menu in the Altitude wallet;

Find version info

So if you need to update the wallet the best way to do this is as follows;

  • Close the Altitude app
  • Download the new version of the installer
  • Open the installer and install/update. Just replace the (on MacOS)
  • Restart the Altitude App and check if both the versions are correct
  • don’t forget to open your wallet for staking again

Hope this helps.

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