In this example I will show you how to take all Lindacoins in your wallet and send them to your self after every staking reward. You need to do this to speed up staking. Remember, your wallet will look different than mine but the procedure stays the same.

From your main wallet (yellow arrow) get the address. Now click the send button.

Click the inputs button

Select all the amounts, in this case there are three orange dots selected. Now click the Done button.

– fill in your own address in Pay To Field
– fill in a label
– click Use available Balance
– click Send button
Your wallet will now ask you for your unlock phrase.

In the Transactions screen you can see the Payment to Self

In the main screen you can see the transactions is getting confirmed. Once this is complete your new total needs 24 hours to mature after which the new staking begins.
Don’t forget to unlock your wallet for staking.

I hope this will help you with your Lindacoins in your new Altitude wallet.

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