The Cardano community has thrillingly announced that they are going to integrate the Ledger hardware wallet in ADA ecosystem. Cardano with Charles Hoskinson on the head has the ultimate goal of becoming the third generation cryptocurrency. This can be achieved in case Cardano teams find solutions for scalability, interoperability, and sustainability, that way acquiring the flattering status of the third generation crypto. Cardano already has an active community of holders and supporters that believe that Cardano might increase significantly during the year 2019. Recently Cardano was going through a rough phase as Hoskinson expressed his displeasure towards the Cardano community. That led to a bit of a rough patch. But a couple of days back, there have been speculations of Cardano getting support from Coinbase Pro by the second quarter of 2019, which made it come back with confidence. Not only that, even its price might soar up to reach as much as $0.4.

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Source: Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – ADA Price Might Reach $0.40 by 2019 End


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