Wow, you can’t imagine how I struggled getting this addon to work. In the beginning I simply wanted it to log on to the system and do a -ifconfig- to see if the ip-address I gave it on the router was active. (in fact it was and I used Fling app on iOS to make certain).

I figured out later that in order to put images on your dashboard you refer to them in the scripts as /local/image.png but the local folder points to /config/www and the www folder is not here by default. You need to create it. I was able to do so by installing the FTP add-on which I will do a page about later this weekend.

So my basic set up is beginning to take shape! Now the hard part begins! yamlling my way to an all purpose dashboard! I might even install it on my iPad to have more space for the things I would like to control. Perhaps I can even get rid of the Harmony Hub which I now use for lots of things.

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