I discovered Home Assistant updated to

Home Assistant 0.110.0

I tried to find how I could update but I failed to find any info. There were those who told me there would be an update in Supervisor but I was unable to find it.
Again I ran into the wall of versions.

There is Home Assistant (the version I run on a Raspberry Pi 4)

There is Home Assistant Core that I installed om Raspbian but found it to be without the Supervisor(??)

There is Hassio (probably old)

I even tried to install some version of HA in a VM (Virtualbox on my Mac). I completely forgot what was wrong with this version.

So in the end I decided to do a fresh install. It is a nice way to follow my own tutorials on how to install and configure.

The new version is running and I did a configure from 0. You can make a snapshot, download it, reinstall, upload the snaphot (scp or ftp) and use it. But I didn’t.

In the previous version I managed to install some themes using HACS so I will continue doing a page on Themes.

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