The next add-on is FTP, if you don’t need to transfer files you can skip this. I like to use it for copying image files I use in my dashboard

  • click supervisor
  • click Add-on store
  • look for FTP and click it
  • click install
  • Now when install finishes click configure and fill in a username and password. 
  • scroll down in the config file and change the items to true as I show you in the image.
  • click save
  • click info and click start

No if you have put in an easy to guess password like I did this add-on will not start. So click the Log in the topmenu of this add-on. In my case you will see something in the log like in the image.

So you need to go back to the configuration and put in a hard to guess password. Save and the add-on will ask you to restart. Check the Log again if everything is ok now.

Use your favorite FTP client to make a connection to the HA machine. You can use the Terminal to find out what ip-address the machine uses bij typing


in my case the wlan0 interface shows my ip-address.

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